Fortnite - Battle Royale Announce Trailer


Fortnite - Battle Royale Announce Trailer

But since PUBG's arrival on Steam early access in March, the game quickly became the most popular title in the battle royale genre.

In addition to the usual guns, grenades and armor, players will also be able to utilize Fortnite's building system to better ensure that they're the ones enjoying the poultry dinner prize at the end of it all. 100 players parachute down onto a small section of the map and must scavenge for supplies and be the last person standing before a toxic cloud or plague wipes them from the face of this earth. The only major difference is that Fornite Battle Royale players can break down buildings and other resources to build structures of their own.

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The mode officially launches on the 26th September, but those who already own Fortnite can try it out now via a special public test.

In the reveal of Fortnite Battle Royale, Epic Games' worldwide creative director Donald Mustard specifically referenced H1Z1 and PUBG, showing how much influence the popularity of these games have in the world of game development. "The new Battle Royale mode was so much fun we made a decision to share it with everyone to get feedback".

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Fortnite will also be available on discount this week at 25% off the Standard and Deluxe Founder's Packs. Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) has announced a Battle Royale mode as well. Check out the trailer for Fortnite's Battle Royale mode below. Let us know, join us on Discord, on our Facebook page, or Twitter.

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