Dalai Lama says Buddha would have helped Myanmar's Muslims

On Friday, the United Nations' refugee agency significantly revised upward its estimate of how many Rohingya people had fled Myanmar to neighboring Bangladesh over the past two weeks, to 270,000 from just 125,000 earlier this week.

The State Department is working with worldwide partners, including the Office of the United Nations's refugee agency, the global Committee of the Red Cross and the worldwide Organization for Migration, to provide emergency assistance for the displaced, the statement said. Recently, she said widespread reports of brutal violence against the Muslims were fake news.

Rohingya insurgents have declared a monthlong truce in order to allow humanitarian aid into Myanmar's Rakhine state, where military "cleansing operations" have left hundreds dead and forced almost 300,000 to flee into neighboring Bangladesh.

While the world has focused on Bangladesh, a serious humanitarian crisis is also unfolding on the Myanmar side, aid workers say.

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India urged that the situation in Rakhine be handled "with restraint and maturity, focusing on the welfare of the civilian population alongside those of the security forces".

On Thursday, former South African archbishop Desmond Tutu urged Suu Kyi to intervene to protect the Rohingya. The government, he added, "inherited a host of enormous challenges". The Myanmar government instead refers to them as Bengalis, tying them rhetorically to populations in Bangladesh with whom they share closer linguistic, religious and ethnic similarities. The Myanmarese government says 400 people, mostly Muslims, have died in the latest bout of violence.

"Of course, our resources are not as complete and adequate as we would like them to be but, still, we try our best and we want to make sure that everyone is entitled to the protection of the law", she said during a visit by Indian Prime Narendra Modi to Yangon. Suu Kyi has echoed the military's line for the most part, and has said she does not consider the Rohingya to be Myanmar citizens.

I presume Ms. Suu Kyi is forced to take a stand against the Rohingya due to the pressure from her followers, who are not even ready to accept their existence there."Mr. Khader suggested that the Rohingya should either be rehabilitated in vacant land in nearby countries or Ms. Suu Kyi should follow the democratic principles of her father to accommodate them in Rakhine State itself". So still I feel that.

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"If the political price of your ascension to the highest office in Myanmar is your silence, the price is surely too steep", Tutu said in a statement.

Once lauded by the worldwide community for standing up to the Myanmar military, Suu Kyi has been sharply criticised around the world for her failure to condemn brutal attacks on her country's Muslim minority now she is the effective leader.

In his call with reporters, Murphy called those discussions "productive" and "ongoing", and said the USA is finding "very willing partners within the government". The Myanmar government accuses the militancy of aiming to create an Islamic state in Rakhine.

"It won't be easy", said Murphy.

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But the photographs sparked controversy on social media with many people who identified themselves as Myanmar Muslims saying they appeared staged.

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