Celebs Slam Vile Homophobia and Hypocrisy of James Woods

Celebs Slam Vile Homophobia and Hypocrisy of James Woods

Celebs Slam Vile Homophobia and Hypocrisy of James Woods

When James Woods made a decision to take a dig at Armie Hammer's film Call Me By Your Name, he probably didn't expect it to backfire.

Basically, Hammer stars in the upcoming gay love film Call Me by Your Name, an adaptation of André Aciman's acclaimed novel that charmed the trousers off critics when it opened at Sundance.

FWIW, Woods was 66 when he dated 20-year-old Kristen Bauguess, after he broke up with his 26-year-old girlfriend Ashley Madison.

Her accusation has become headline news, with even her husband, comedian David Cross and Don Cheadle coming to Tamblyn's defence on social media, but Woods is doing his best to move on from the drama, claiming his remark about Call Me By Your Name wasn't intended as a direct criticism of Hammer. "I'm 16' I said".

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Oakley has refused to walk to the bench in shame", the suit, filed in a Manhattan Federal court on Tuesday, continues. Oakley says Dolan then ran a smear campaign, falsely accusing him of being an alcoholic who was drunk at the Garden.

"The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" star Amber Tamblyn jumped onto the thread later, alleging that James once tried to hit on her and a friend at a restaurant. "The second is a lie".

Woods denied the allegations, writing, "The first is illegal".

Armie Hammer - who plays Oliver in the film - was quick to respond though - and in epic style, may we add.

Again, the actor did not respond directly to the allegations, but did respond to a question by someone on Twitter.

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He said this at a gathering with Malaysian students and Malaysians living in the United States, at the Malaysian Embassy here. The prime minister also said his country remains committed to fighting terrorist groups, such as Islamic State and al-Qaida.

"Like a bully who can dish it our but can't take it, Mr. Woods uses his wealth and fame to abuse the court system in order to punish and bully an obscure and much less powerful Twitter user who taunted him", the user's court filing read.

- Woods was sued in March by an OH woman who did grassroots organizing for Bernie Sanders. "And I had images of my daughter being at school, and she's 13 years old, and people are teasing her and printing out pictures of my penis and, I thought, 'Oh man!'"

Decrepit pearl clutcher James Woods, 70, caught wind of this and though it was dis-gusting.

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