Ubisoft announces Atomega, a PC exclusive shooter coming next week


Ubisoft just announced an arena shooter called Atomega that you can play without killing anyone

Initially you'll be small and nimble, but by doing well and collecting mass throughout the game's frantic ten-minute rounds. you'll be able to evolve into the Godlike Omega.

Ubisoft have announced via their YouTube Channel a brand new game set to launch next week, from the developers of the fun little platformer Grow Home. Judging by Reflective's past works, Grow Home and Grow Up, Atomega could be another fantastic addition to the studio's already impressive library. Acquiring mass also grants points and the player with the most points at the end of the round wins. The announcement trailer showcases the gameplay and its blocky nature quite well, seen above.

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Atomega takes place during a time where time has come to an end an reality is rapidly disappearing.

Playing as a "super advanced post-biological lifeform" called an Exoform (it's a cube, pretty much), you'll be competing for mass against seven other players. It's set to release really soon, September 19, but it'll only be available for PC through Steam for around $10 - the price isn't concrete just yet. Players can of course lose mass in firefights.

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"It is a relentlessly competitive experience, an easy to pick-up but hard to master game, with a light-hearted tone echoing the personality of its small development team", explain Ubisoft in a press release.

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