Tesla Granted Full Access to 75 kWh Batteries for Hurricane Refugees

Tesla gave Florida Model S 60k Wh owners a battery capacity boost ahead of Hurricane Irma as millions evacuated the state

Tesla gave Florida Model S 60k Wh owners a battery capacity boost ahead of Hurricane Irma as millions evacuated the state

The SUV and sedan vehicles - Models S and X60, 60D, 70 and 70D - each have 60 kilowatt-hours of capacity but actually share the same 75 kilowatt-hour battery as more expensive models. 10, Tesla, the #Electric auto company founded by businessman Elon Musk, increased the #Battery Capacity for Tesla users in Florida to help them get to safety.

Tesla has issued a free temporary software update that unlocks additional battery power for Tesla auto owners looking to evacuate Florida as Hurricane Irma approaches the state. For those unfamiliar, Tesla used to offer customers the option to buy a vehicle with a 75 kWh battery pack that was software locked.

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That's due to Tesla using an unforeseen feature of their over-the-air software update system. Tesla said the drivers would have the higher capacity battery until September 16.

As first noticed by Tesla owners on Reddit, the company has pushed a "temporary update" to vehicles within the evacuation zones that bumps the 60kWh models up to 75kWh.

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A Tesla spokesperson on Sunday confirmed the upgrade.

Natural disasters often bring out the best in people; strangers help strangers to make the most of a bad situation. Drivers were able to use about 80% of the battery which gave them 200 to 230 miles of range, but with this free and temporarily upgrade, additional range is available. Working in a similar manner to a standard petrol station, the Supercharger stations can quickly charge a Tesla battery in not much more time than a petrol pump.

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Before reaching Florida, the hurricane had devastated 10 Caribbean countries and territories, killing about 23 people.

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