Easy Composition of Tweetstorm Possible, Twitter Working on It

Easy Composition of Tweetstorm Possible, Twitter Working on It

Easy Composition of Tweetstorm Possible, Twitter Working on It

If that be true, then users would find creating tweetstorm far more convenient than is now possible. Twitter has still kept it under wrap. Twitter only allows you to compose a tweet of 140 characters.

By institutionalizing tweetstorms with a graphic user interface, Twitter could make sharing expanded thoughts more accessible to everyone.

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Twitter frequently experiments with new features for the website.

The feature was first noticed by a user named Devesh Logendran and passed it on to Matt Navarra of The New Webb.

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A Twitter spokesperson said that the company has "no comment to share on the record" regarding the tweetstorm feature, but even if Twitter is secretly testing the feature out, there is still a good chance that it will never see the light of day. No additional information on this matter have been found out. A hidden tweetstorm composer has been unearthed in the Twitter Android app, indicating that the feature is undergoing internal testing. The company is not testing the Tweetstorm while it now exists within Twitter's product, but the test may be on the way soon.

While it seems likely the feature will come to light in the near future, there are programs already available which do the threading work for you, such as the Android and iOS app, Storm It. Then again, this might be exactly what makes Tweetstorms so powerful, and what makes them risky in the hands of malicious individuals.

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Traditionally, users have to reply to their own individual tweets one at a time to link them together. Once published the post will be broken into tweets with 140 characters and also will be numbered accordingly. It's no secret that Twitter has been struggling with growth from last few years and unlike Facebook, the microblogging site attracts only a certain niche of users.

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