Destiny 2 Has Over 1.2 Million Players

1.2M Concurrent Players & Low Physical Box Sales- Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Has Over 1.2 Million Players

The first game arrived on previous gen consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360 along with PS4 and Xbox One.

After some server issues and lagging, it now looks like Destiny 2 is officially off and running - and has passed 1,200,000 players online concurrently.

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It is likely that the drop in retail numbers signifies an increasing move to digital distribution and, if the concurrent figures are anything to go by, the retails sales are no indication of the number of people that have bought the game.

Bungie just announced on Twitter that its recently-released online first-person shooter Destiny 2 has reached a rather flattering milestone. Destiny 2's overall launch sales have been reported to be 60% below that of the original Destiny in the United Kingdom charts, but it's obvious quite a few people have gone the digital route this time around, and the United Kingdom charts only count physical copies sold. So just how much will it cost you if you want to dive in and journey across Destiny 2's collection of new planets and moons? There's now no way to check how many players are anticipating that version and simply waiting it out.

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Earlier this week, Bungie mentioned that "millions" of players were already playing the game. Unfortunately, there is no word yet about the upcoming DLC's release date.

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