Seoul completes installation of THAAD anti-missile system

Moscow fears that if the confrontation with Pyongyang spirals into a punitive strike or regime change then that could create chaos- and a potential new democratic US ally- on its border

Seoul completes installation of THAAD anti-missile system

Following North Korea's repeated provocations-including launching a missile over northern Japan last week and a sixth nuclear test on Sunday-Moon appeared significantly more comfortable with the presence of the USA system over South Korea's skies.

China's remarks come after the South Korea Defence Ministry announced it would carry out the temporary deployment of launching vehicles at 2am tomorrow (September 7) at its site in Seongju, south of Seoul. The yen strengthened on Lee's remarks. The fighters and bombers later linked up over the Korean Peninsula with South Korean Air Force F-15Ks for a flight and bomb-dropping exercise simulating precision strikes against the North's "core facilities", according to the U.S. Pacific Command and South Korea's Defense Ministry. Every other country in the six-party talks with North Korea that collapsed in 2009-South Korea, Russia, Japan, and China-should have more incentive to pursue a diplomatic solution than the United States does. In a response to a plea from Moon to support the oil embargo, Putin claimed that depriving North Korea of oil would be destructive for the North Korean public as it would leave hospitals and other public services without fuel.

Putin met Moon Jae-in on the sidelines of an economic summit in the far eastern Russian city of Vladivostok amid mounting global concerns that their shared neighbour plans more weapons tests, possibly a long-range missile launch ahead of a key weekend anniversary.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says further sanctions and threats against Pyongyang are
Russian President Vladimir Putin says further sanctions and threats against Pyongyang are"useless

The US leader told reporters he had a "strong" and "frank" phone conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping about North Korea and said neither of them would put up with the rogue nation's provocative actions.

Seoul had said that Pyongyang would follow the nuclear test with another missile launch over the weekend.

Moon and Putin also said they will try to expand economic cooperation with North Korea to build a trilateral network. Its sixth nuclear test on Sunday prompted the USA to speak about a "military response" and South Korea to conduct major military exercises.

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It will likely prove to be at least 10 times stronger than anything the North tested before.

The demand contradicted the stance of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has dismissed South Korea's calls for further sanctions.

Japan Wednesday again upgraded its estimated size of North Korea's latest nuclear test to a yield of around 160 kilotons - more than ten times the size of the Hiroshima bomb. The US should, he says, "talk to [the North] about stability, about crisis coordination".

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"South Korea may face the most complex strategic environment in Asia", write Sung Chull Kim and Michael D. Cohen, editors of a new collection of scholarly essays titled "North Korea and Nuclear Weapons: Entering the New Era of Deterrence". British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said on Wednesday China held the key to resolving the crisis, reiterating comments made by Prime Minister Theresa May and Australian leader Malcolm Turnbull after they spoke with Trump.

Moon had his own stark message about the situation on the Korean Peninsula: "If North Korea's provocation doesn't stop here, I think could fall into an uncontrollable situation".

The China Daily proceeded to accuse the U.S. ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, of being "narrow-minded and undiplomatic", for rejecting the proposal put forward by China and Russian Federation.

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