A minute of your life can save another life


Green Party pledges free counselling for those under 25 - 'we can do more to support people through hard times'

Despite open discussion about mental health considered one of the best ways to help people suffering from mental illness, the research, conducted by Colmar Brunton, indicates Australians still have mixed feelings and attitudes towards the issue of suicide.

Steve Button, SPAN region 2 chapter co-chairman, said suicide prevention advocates will be available Tuesday for an awareness event hosted at the fountain area and Student Union amphitheater.


Stating that the World Association for Suicide Prevention organised bicycle rallies across the globe to celebrate the day, the Sanker Centre Director said that they have organised this bicycle rally to send a message to those people who are suffering and who want to end their sufferings by suicide that "we are together with them". In order to create more confidence in their life, the World Suicide Prevention Day has been organising every year, Siri informed.

"Behind these statistics are the individual stories of those who have, for many different reasons, questioned the value of their own lives", Mr Kofie said.

Gov. Cooper Urges NC Residents To Prepare For Potential Hurricane
The Florida Keys are bracing for Irma's potential impact as a Category 4 or 5 storm later this weekend. There was little confidence in predictions of Irma's path on Thursday.

Antigone Davis, Head of Global Safety, mentioned in a statement "Throughout September, we'll connect people with information about support groups and suicide prevention tools through ads in News Feed".

"Indeed taking a minute of our time to intervene can change a life", he said. The Texas family had a relative who died by suicide and the bike ride is meant to raise awareness and money for depression research through the Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation.

Irma Sucking Tampa Bay and Ocean Around Naples Dry
She called it the hurricane "bulge" - where water is drawn into the centre of the storm and the shape of the ocean is changed. Furthermore, those who live in the area should be mindful, as the water could return abruptly.

She said that at an average, one person committing suicide every 40 seconds in the world. She says journalists can help to overcome this taboo by encouraging people to seek help and to speak openly about their distress.

Mexico expels North Korean ambassador over nuclear tests
North Korean laborers would also be forbidden from working overseas , especially in Russia's Far East and China. Both are economic partners of North Korea and veto-wielding permanent members of the U.N.

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