RED partners with Leia to create the Hydrogen One's holographic display

Holographic Leia lives in Red's new phone (not the princess)

RED Shares More Details On Hydrogen One's 'Holographic' Screen

But in addition to the modular nature of the RED Hydrogen One, there's also this holographic display that's been tossed out there like it was nothing. If you were amongst that group, then worry no more as RED has now revealed the display technology to the world, courtesy a report from The Verge.

In addition to buying Leia components, RED founder Jim Jannard will join the company's board of directors and his company will make an investment in the company. This will be the camera company's first venture into the realm of smartphones and its device is set to arrive with a bang.

"Leia leverages recent breakthroughs in Nano-Photonic design and manufacturing to provide a complete lightfield "holographic" display solution for mobile devices, through proprietary hardware and software", the company said. Leia claims this "diffractive lightfield backlighting" layer doesn't significantly compromise the display's quality, battery consumption, or thickness for non-holographic use. The tease video above was shown way back in 2015.

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Nobody yet apart from YouTuber Marques Brownlee who was allowed an exclusive look at the Hydrogen One prototype has had a glimpse of what this really translates into.

While only select people have gotten the chance to see the Hydrogen One's display at work, Brownlee said it "definitely wasn't flawless and had quirks like light bleeding around the outside of the display and some stuttering when I messed with some four view gaming stuff".

The company also announced that the device will be launched in the first half of 2018.
The Hydrogen One does not have a release date yet but will cost as much as $1,195 anyway, based on its pre-order price tag.

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On the new partnership, Jannard said: "This is an incredible opportunity for both companies and a ideal marriage". "Leia brings a very special piece of technology that blends seamlessly with our vision of a ground-breaking and disruptive consumer product". But even with all that, there's one aspect about the Hydrogen Phone that seems like it can't be more than a gimmick: Its holographic display.

Users will be able to switch between holographic mode and regular smartphone display mode, the press release explains. In 2007 it introduced the "Red One", the first 4K digital camera that forever changed the way cinematographers shoot motion pictures. Both versions of the phone are available to preorder now.

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