France rat crisis: Rats attack paraplegic girl while sleeping

French girl (14) attacked by swarm of rats as she slept

Paraplegic French girl, 14, mutilated by pack of rats as she slept in medical bed

"We talked about this morning with the residents and a monthly meeting with the city and the private company that pulls containers", will be organised to improve their support, she added.

Paraplegia is a type of partial paralysis that keeps a person from doing normal functions with the lower parts of their body - from the waist down. "The areas of impaired mobility usually include the toes, feet, legs, and may or may not include the abdomen", according to the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

He believed it was due to her condition that she had not been fully aware of what was happening to her.

She had 45 lesions on her face, 150 on her hands and 30 on her feat, according to the report.

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The dad said the girl's fingertips can not be repaired and she suffered bites to her face, neck, hands, legs, ears and nose. Some of them are completely destroyed. According to local media reports, the girl's father had previously complained to police about overflowing trash bins near the house.

Speaking to La Voix du Nord, the father said that his daughter had spent the night in her special bed on the ground floor, as usual.

Samantha, who has two sisters, was tested for infections after the incident.

Paris is facing its worst rat crisis in decades, according to the New York Times.

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A preliminary investigation has been opened to examine "housing conditions contrary to human dignity", the prosecutor's office said.

The family have since been moved to a new house and police are investigating the incident.

Doctors have told the family that it is highly unusual for rats to attack someone like this, saying that rats usually only excessively bite people who are deceased.

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