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Naga Chaitanya's Yuddham Sharanam Falls Flat Thanks To Its Stale Plot Line

Interestingly, producer of "Premam" recently announced two movies and one of them is Naga Chaitanya's film with Maruthi. Sai Korrapati and Rajani Korrapati are producing the film under the producer banner Vaarahi Chalana Chitram. Both parents are into a lot of charity. Their friend's daughter Lavanya Tripati, who is also a doctor, stays at their home. A state minister (Vinod Kumar) is involved in a big land scam and to divert attention from it, he plans a terror attack. It is then he comes to know about Nayak (Srikanth), the man behind the massive disaster. The rest of the story is about how Arjun learns the truth about his parents and what happens to them in their last few days. As in that film, here, too, David Nathan emphasises the crime element, but it is not executed properly or excitingly enough by the director.

Lavanya Tripathi acted in female lead role in this film while veteran actor Revathi has acted as Naga Chaitanya's mother and Rao Ramesh is playing the father role.

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- Arjun saving his family from Naayak gang episode could have been more thrilling. Things are fine till this point.

The non-linear screenplay of the film keeps us guessing about what could have possibly gone wrong with Arjun's seemingly ideal life. Arjun (Naga Chaitanya) who is passionate about drone making technology, uses his invention to carry blood to a pregnant lady caught in a traffic jam.

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Naga Chaitanya plays a youngster, who opts out of his regular job to make long-distance drones, and the crux of the story is about he takes on a dreaded gangster, played by Srikanth. Lavanya Tripathi looks good, but she has only a limited role.

Indian Express is of the view that Yuddham Sharanam is similar to Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo: Yuddham Sharanam follows a pattern that we have seen in various other films in the past. In this role, he appears to be a completely different person - in terms of voice, looks and style.

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Besides the lead actors, seasoned actors aka Revathi, Rao Ramesh and Srikanth seem to have strong and interesting characterizations by the virtue of the latest promos we have watched. The editing is by Kripakaran while the dialogues by Abburi Ravi. The music is also average with no notable songs. The Cinematographer Niketh Bommireddy handled the camera. Yudham Sharanam has received a great talk from the audience. New Director Krishna failed to tell the story in an engaging way.

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