Netflix Launches Its Own Weed Strains

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Netflix Launches Its Own Weed Strains

Here's a casual reminder that despite the fact that Netflix can do cute shit like this, people are still getting arrested all over the country for possessing marijuana.

Entertainment industry publication Variety reported the company has created 10 different strains of marijuana inspired by its most popular shows.

To pull off the project, Netflix partnered with Carrot - a digital agency that is part of the Vice network - as well as the Alternative Herbal Health Services (AHHS), a medical cannabis dispensary.

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They didn't technically sell it, either.

Welcome to 2017, America, where a man who celebrates fake Civil War battles at his golf course is president, the guy who wrote "Bawitdaba" is running for senator, and Netflix is your new dealer.

The Omega Strain, Eve's Bush and Rutherford B. Haze are each named for "Disjointed" - the stoner comedy with which Netflix aligned the release of their marijuana variations.

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"Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later gave rise to the Camp Firewood strain, 'a very chill indica.' Bojack Horseman can be viewed while partaking in Prickly Muffin: 'When you smoke this, it gets a little easier". There are also three strains dedicated specifically to Disjointed, all packaged in black with metallic lettering.

Netflix Inspired by Chelsea Handler's show, Vodkush comes with the advice: "Don't think of yourself as a stoner".

We've reached out to Netflix to make really, totally sure this is real.

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In addition to the consumable cannabis (which, under current California law can be purchased only by those 21 or over with a medical marijuana recommendation from a California-licensed doctor), a table on the way out of the pop-up offered visitors an assortment of more traditional marketing swag. Another 23 have legalised its use in some form.

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