Spotify Cracks Down on Racist Content, Removes "Hate Bands" From Library

White nationalists traveled to Charlottesville this past weekend for the ‘Unite the Right’ rally

White nationalists traveled to Charlottesville this past weekend for the ‘Unite the Right’ rally

Spotify is set to remove music from white supremacist bands from the streaming service. Resnikoff looked them up on the streaming service after going back to a list originally curated by Southern Poverty Law Center in 2014, when it investigated the presence of bands on iTunes whose music featured racial supremacy-themed lyrics.

It seems like these groups were brought to Spotify's attention by Digital Music News who posted a report titled, "I Just Found 27 White Supremacist Hate bands On Spotify".

Spotify's music catalog comes from thousands of record companies from around the world.

In Newsweek's search, of the 37 white supremacist musical acts Digital Music News found on Spotify, 22 of them were still available on Apple Music. Spotify has already removed numerous bands flagged by the SPLC, while the company is reviewing other music flagged. In fact, it was pretty easy to find hate-oriented groups simply by referencing similar artists on Spotify itself.

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Pandora, one of Spotify's top competitors, also said in a statement that it had been cracking down on hate music.

In response, Spotify issued a statement to Billboard that they are taking the necessary steps to remove these bands from the platform.

In terms of free speech, Spotify and other streaming services face the hard task of selecting which artists to remove from their vast libraries.

Music streaming services have completely revolutionized the way we listen to music nowadays. "We are in the process of swiftly and actively reviewing the content on our platform and have begun and will continue to remove any material that is in any way connected to any white supremacist movement or belief system".

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Apple responded to the report by removing the bands.

While wary of making any overt moves at first, Silicon Valley is now, bit by bit, positioning itself decidedly against the Trump administration, with CEOs like Tim Cook openly coming out against Trump's positions and companies like CloudFlare deleting neo-Nazi news sites.

Spotify didn't immediately reply to a request for comment.

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