Google Launches 'Allo For Web' Browser Messaging Client

Google Launches 'Allo For Web' Browser Messaging Client

Google Launches 'Allo For Web' Browser Messaging Client

Next, they'll need to tap Scan QR code to open the camera and capture at the QR code on the Allo web interface.

Google launched the Allo Messenger past year to Android and iOS devices. Sadly, Google didn't emulate Facebook's other chat service, Messenger - in that case there's no pairing required, the web version acts like a standalone client. And it works a lot like WhatsApp for the web in that you can only install it by scanning a QR code on your phone. To recall, Google VP of Communications Products Nick Fox had tweeted a screenshot earlier, in Feb 2017, mentioning that the web version was still in "early" development.

Allo has grown up a great deal over the past 11 months, and Google's dedication to the app during this time should be comforting to those looking to switch.

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While the launch of the app for desktop was expected around May, there was not much clarity on the official launch date.

Google describes Allo as a messaging app for Android and iPhone users.

Not just conversations, you also have access to Google Assistant. In fact, it's possible that Google Allo Web will be ready for use in a day or two. Google made no mention of a limit on the number of devices you're able to connect to your Allo account so it remains to be seen whether such a restriction exists.

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When you head to Allo Web's page, you're greeted by the screen you can see above.

Google's plan is to have Allo and Duo serve as its consumer chat services while Hangouts takes over the enterprise side's needs. Scan the QR code on your browser, and tada!

The Allo web app looks set to launch with the app now displaying a link to "Allo for Web" now appearing in the sidebar of the app. The only problem is that the web app seems like it'll be pointless most of the time. If you have an Android device and would like to check out the new Allow web client version, you can download it now through Google Play Store.

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