Mark Hamill reveals why Luke Skywalker went into exile


LUCASFILMPalpatine raised the issue in Episode III

I go to the movies. This is where Finn and Rose will be teaming up.

Tran reiterated Boyega's comments, adding that even just acting with del Toro as the character was an unsettling experience.

"It has taken a hit after the other, but she has always cashed in, she is forced to move forward and to focus on the task at hand..."

That conflict may well involve Daisy Ridley's Rey. Do they capture him there? They have to portray these foreboding figures who could take you down at a moment's notice, which is why Johnson gave the costume designer clear instructions on what the Praetorians should look like.

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The actor talked openly about why Luke is on Ahch-To, his struggles with the Luke's new rejection of the Jedi and the huge reason Luke was so devastated by Kylo's defection to the Dark Side. The actress revealed that Finn is viewed as a 'big deal' when she first meets him. The end of The Force Awakens reintroduced one of the franchises prized characters and the hero of its three block buster films, the chosen Jedi, Luke Skywalker.

"Poe Dameron is super cool". He's not just hiding because he's scared.

Rey's background is still unclear.

This leads us to believe that Rey's journey is very similar to that of Luke's.

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Theories and speculation aside, it'll be interesting to see how the Praetorians play into The Last Jedi.

EW points out that this makes DJ somewhat unique to the Star Wars canon, insofar as he doesn't have clear morals. What has been confirmed through her visions is that Luke and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) are connected to her past in some way. He's trying to leave. In the sequel, reports suggest that there will be a massive ship of Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis) that will be introduced. But lest you think the new creature is filling the Han Solo-shaped hole in Chewie's heart, EW reports that while Porgs are cute and cuddly, they are "vexing to Wookies".

The photos also show off a few details about the film, including a picture of a casino at Canto Bight.

The Force Awakens: Nearly 20 days after its release, the Lucasfilm mega-blockbuster became the No. 1 largest grossing film of all time, overtaking the $760.5 million earned by James Cameron's Avatar. But these are new characters, they're dealing with new things, and that ultimately is what defines the movie. It's now an opportunity for him to be the best he can be.

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