Abella: Plans in place if North Korea strikes near Guam

Guam: Small But Important Piece of US Territory in Pacific

Abella: Plans in place if North Korea strikes near Guam

The exercise around Japan's southern Kyushu island involved two U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancer bombers and two Japanese F-2 jet fighters, Japan's Air Self Defence Force (ASDF) said in a news release.

A social media post stating a commanding officer briefed military personnel on a North Korea missile attack is false. "Some people think this is another one of the threats by North Korea and are not taking it very seriously", Analista said in a phone interview with DZMM on Thursday morning.

Guam: Small But Important Piece of US Territory in Pacific

"How we train is how we fight, and the more we interface with our allies, the better prepared we are to fight tonight", a 37th EBS B-1 pilot said.

"Unfortunately, we have seen our share of false messages like these that do nothing but stir fear in the hearts and minds of our people", the governor said in the Facebook post.

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According to the U.S. Pacific Command, the drill will include 500 Marines and 18 aircraft operating out of the 35th Fighter Wing at Misawa Air Base, on the northern tip of the island of Honshu.

I also want to remind national media that Guam is American soil and we have 200,000 Americans in Guam and the Marianas. Their location in a USA territory means its military is just hours from potential flashpoints in the western Pacific.

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"I'm pro military buildup", said resident Gus Aflague, 60, whose grandfather and brother both joined the U.S. Navy. They threatened US, other countries, and they threaten Guam. Chamorros are the indigenous people of Guam.

The exercise began hours after Japan's defense minister said the Japanese military could shoot down North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles before they reach the USA territory of Guam.

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Guam is armed with the U.S. Army's defense system known as Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, which can intercept missiles.

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