Walmart Very Sorry About Back-to-School Gun Display

Seth Perlman  AP

Seth Perlman AP

About an hour and a half after the tweet was posted, they responded saying the sign was removed from the display.

One social media questioned the positioning of the guns, not the sign.

Wal-Mart is catching fire for a guns display at one of its stores, after a photo went viral on Wednesday of the sign that hung above it.

But confusion over the photo appeared to spread within the company's management team, with Walmart first identifying a store in IN as the source of the photographed display.

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To the Post, May characterized the display as "disgusting".

He added that it was unclear whether the sign had been placed on the gun display by an employee or a customer.

It didn't take Twitter users long to identify that fact while commenting on the unfortunate layout of the back to school promotion.

"That's exactly right, and as usual I would bet it's the person taking the picture", another user remarked. "We're looking into how this could have happened".

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Given U.S. history with mass shootings at schools, many found the sign to be offensive and incredibly problematic.

Shortly after the image was uploaded to Twitter, Walmart tweeted May: "We appreciate you letting us know about this display".

A spokesperson said Wednesday the sign would be removed.

According to CNN, this isn't the first time Walmart has been in trouble over its marketing strategy. Thanks again for alerting us to this'.

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But, in fact, Mr. Crowson said, there had been "miscommunication" between a store employee and a member of Walmart's social media team who had called the store.

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