OJ Simpson's Bronco up for sale at half a million dollars

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Infamous OJ getaway Bronco heading to 'Pawn Stars'

Simpson's former agent, Mike Gilbert is selling the infamous white Ford Bronco that O.J. rode in while being followed by police during the June 1994 chase.

Gilbert is said to be looking to cash in due to Simpson's recent return to the national spotlight.

TMZ is reporting that the infamous slow-chase vehicle that has become immortalized in helicopter footage was recently offered up to the members of the History channel show "Pawn Stars".

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Pawn Stars personality Rick Harrison, who co-owns World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop has taken it for a test drive.

The Bronco gained its notoriety the day that Simpson was set to hand himself over to police, just five days after the murders of Ron Goldman and Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown.

At the time, friend and former teammate Al Cowlings owned the vehicle and was behind the wheel. At one time, it was on display at Las Vegas casino. Now, he wants to sell it and use the money for his children.

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"There were some people that were going to sell the Bronco to a company called, I think it's Graveline Tours, and they were going to go up and down the freeway, go by the murder site, and I just thought that'd be classless, especially since the trial hadn't started, yet". "It felt odd and it was a little weird in the end and it made me feel weird".

Simpson is now in a Nevada prison but is due to be released on parole in the coming months after serving seven years for a 2007 armed robbery.

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