In the United Kingdom, found eggs with toxins

GV of egg production in Europe

Image Most of the eggs have been mixed into other food products

Supermarkets have been forced to withdraw egg-based products after it emerged that 700,000 potentially contaminated eggs were imported to the United Kingdom - 30 times more than the regulator had previously said.

The contamination scare became public on 1 August when it was revealed that tests had found that fipronil, which is banned across the European Union from use in the production of foodstuffs, had found its way into the food chain. It can harm people's kidneys, liver and thyroid glands.

The problem is believed to stem from a substance used by a Dutch company, Chickfriend, that farmers in the Netherlands and Belgium say they hired to treat their chickens.

Investigators believe the tainted eggs originated in the Netherlands - Europe's largest egg producer, where about 10 billion are produced per year.

Dutch prosecutors said in a statement Thursday that the two men detained during a series of raids are directors of a company that allegedly used Fipronil in egg farms.

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Dutch prosecutors added that they were working in coordination with Europol, and in tandem with a similar investigation in Belgium, where authorities also raided several businesses today.

Europol said it had seized bank accounts, properties, and luxury cars belonging to the fraudsters.

The Netherlands denied the charge.

Dozens of producers in Belgium and the Netherlands are being investigated for eggs containing Fipronil, which is risky to human health though no cases have been reported of people falling sick. Our risk assessment, based on all the information available, indicates that, as part of a normal healthy diet, this low level of potential exposure is unlikely to be a risk to public health and there is no need for consumers to be concerned.

The majority of eggs consumed in Britain are from the UK.

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Egg-containing products including salads, quiches and sandwiches have been recalled from Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Asda and Morrison's.

AROUND 700,000 EGGS thought to have been contaminated with an insecticide in the Netherlands have been distributed in processed foods across Britain.

"We can confirm that they are eggs that hail from one of the infected farms in the Netherlands", Nikolas Kühn Hove, a spokesperson for Fødevarestyrelsen, told TV2 News. An investigation is underway in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Luxembourg caterers Caterman and Carnesa also informed the authorities that it had received two batches of eggs coming from a supplier where contamination had occurred.

Dutch health authorities have denied that they knew about the issue in November. Here, again, the justice has not named the company, but it is identified as the distributor of health products for livestock Poultry-Vision, the origin of the scandal with ChickFriend, according to media reports.

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