Taylor Swift's groping trial begins

Taylor Swift's groping trial begins

Taylor Swift's groping trial begins

The pop star has since responded with a suit of her own.

Swift's attorney, J. Douglas Baldridge, said during opening statements that Mueller has changed his story about the incident, and referenced one statement that Mueller had made previously, that he could not have "done it" because his hand behind Swift was in a fist.

Swift sued Mueller, accusing him of inappropriately touching her during the meet-and-greet.

Mueller's suit didn't seek a specific monetary amount but an expert retained by the ex-radio host determined that almost $3 million was a fair compensation for damages. So many women and girls, including myself, have been subjected to this level of sexual assault and it's about time the perpetrators faced the consequences of their actions.

During cross-examination, Mueller confirmed that KYGO owed him $300,000 for his contract (he was terminated after five months) in addition to $20,000 a year in guaranteed endorsements.

TMZ released the photo in question a year ago, which shows Mueller with his hand below waist level behind Swift.

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The adjournment Tuesday came after David Mueller spent much of the day testifying that Swift had falsely accused him of groping her, prompting his firing.

"I felt what seemed to be a rib cage or ribs", Mueller said on the first day of testimony.

Prospective jurors in a civil trial involving dueling lawsuits between Taylor Swift and an ex-Denver radio disc jockey are being asked whether they are fans of the singer-songwriter or the former host of a country music show.

A former disc jockey accused of groping Taylor Swift has taken the stand again in Denver federal court as testimony resumes in his legal battle with the singer-songwriter. The trial is expected to last around nine days; likely until 17 August.

David Mueller is a former radio show host.

The litigation centres on Taylor's allegations that Mr Mueller slipped his hand under her dress as they posed for a photo together during a meet-and-greet session ahead of her 2 June, 2013 concert in Denver.

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Swift's attorney spent more than an hour on Mueller's contention that he secretly recorded a meeting with his KYGO superiors shortly before they fired him.

After the photo was taken, Mueller testified that Swift shook his hand and that he and Melcher exited the photo booth room and moved along to other areas at the venue.

U.S. District Judge William Martinez ordered jurors, spectators and the news media to leave his courtroom Wednesday so Swift's attorneys and lawyers for plaintiff David Mueller could discuss undisclosed evidentiary matters.

Mueller also testified that he was let go from a station in Kansas City, something that in a prior deposition he said did not necessarily help his radio career. But in his opening statement, Mueller's attorney refuted this, saying, "If you look at that photograph, his hand is not underneath Miss Swift's skirt, and her skirt is not rumpled in any fashion". Mueller says he was looking ahead at the camera the entire time while he and Swift were "jostling" arms.

Here's the alleged photo in question - that Taylor's lawyers had hoped to keep sealed - that will be a key piece of evidence during the trial. He's seeking up to $3 million in damages.

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