Virginia ranks 7th in cheapest gas prices

5/26/17 Gas Prices Sam's Club

Prices at the pump take a jump

The state's average gas price is down by 6¢ a gallon from last week, standing at $2.42. "Steady declines in crude supplies have pushed oil prices about $10 per barrel higher than past year, making it more expensive to produce gasoline".

After seeing a dramatic increase last week, gas prices have started to fall in metro Detroit, according to GasBuddy.

"Motorists are now finding gas prices 14 cents more than this time past year", Jenkins said on Monday. The region remains expensive, however, with MI posting a state average that's 5 cents above the national average.

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GasBuddy's live ticking average indicated that gas prices across the nation cooled off by Monday afternoon.

Gas prices in Rhode Island are now higher than the national average, having increased by eight cents this week. A year ago, the national average was $2.12 a gallon.

Springfield's gas prices this morning were well below the state average, which increased alongside national figures during the past week. Prices in Florida averaged $2.29 per gallon on Sunday, the same as they had been a week before.

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Drivers have benefited from a rare summer break this year due to cheap oil and strong fuel production at refineries.

"Strong gasoline demand across the country is continuing to push prices higher at the pump, a trend that we don't see letting up through the end of summer", said Steward.

"U.S. crude oil inventories are moving down, while summer gasoline demand is going up - the ideal storm for August price increases", Mary Maguire of AAA said.

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