Monster Hunter Stories Coming to North America September 8th

Monster Hunter Stories Coming to North America on September 8

Monster Hunter Stories Coming to North America September 8th

The demo will be made available on the Japanese Nintendo eShop on August 10th, and should be pretty easy to download on western consoles as well. It's a good thing, for example, that the Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On anime series isn't a reliable indicator of how fun the game will be, since it was a pretty big letdown.

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Alongside this announcement, they also posted a new trailer for the game as well. According to the recently released video trailer, the game will become available for all players on September. Another set has also been revealed to be launched two months later.

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Monster Hunter Stories appears to finally be coming to North America however, and is being released on September 8th. The demo will be made available to download and play from the 3DS E-shop starting on August 10. Since it isn't region locked, you should give the game a go. The game also features armor and weapon crafting like a more traditional Monster Hunter title, as well as a variety of sidequests and a multiplayer battle mode. Players will be taking the role of a Monster Rider instead of a Monster Hunter this time around.

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